Consensus Healthcare Consultants LLC

Consensus Healthcare Consultants LLC is the industry leader in delivering innovative solutions to address US and world population health disparities by leveraging use of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). With more than two decades of experience, Consensus is a minority, woman owned company, focused on the integration of care and enterprise-level, inter-operable data flow to deliver fit-to-purpose/value-add management and technology based solutions.

Collect, Collaborate and Innovate

Our CCI Methodology provides our clients with the ability to utilize appropriate healthcare delivery viewpoints while leveraging talent for collaborative and innovative implementation of new strategies. A dynamic focus on clients transitioning to Population Health allows Consensus Healthcare Consultants to effectively assess and transcend obstacles related to access, cost, quality, and compliance while ensuring the best care for our patients.

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With a diverse think tank of professionals,
our vision is a result of decades of experience innovating in clinical, commercial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical marketing and healthcare organizations.

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We leverage technology to facilitate a truly Integrated, Proactive, Preventive, and Participatory (IP3™️) healthcare services management model.